You can post an announcement for approval at。

You can find the logo file and an explanation of WWU graphic identity standards at

Submit story ideas to 金斯特罗贝尔 at

You can find the phone numbers, office room numbers, and email addresses of WWU faculty and staff by searching for their name or title in the search bar at the top of this page or at 

In an effort to provide up-to-date information, our office no longer distributes a printed version of this directory. 

Marketing and University Relations maintains a 谷歌日历大师 for the university. This master calendar is made up of seven contributing calendars:

  1. 管理日历
  2. 学者日历
  3. 艺术日历
  4. 竞技日历
  5. 牧师_s日历
  6. 校园生活日历
  7. 校友日历

Please contact your department administrator if you would like to add an event to one of these calendars.

If you have questions, please contact 阿利克斯·哈里斯 at 或呼叫(509)527-2514。

There are several ways to promote your event to the WWU campus community

每日公告。 An email compilation of events and announcements is sent to all students, faculty, and staff at 11 a.m. on Sunday through Friday. 公告 about official WWU news and events can be submitted at

Questions about daily announcements can be sent to 金斯特罗贝尔 at




添加到在线日历。 联系 the department that is sponsoring the event to have your event added to the online calendar. You can access the calendar at 

Make a post about your event in the WWU应用. The WWU应用 is widely used by students, faculty, and staff. If you have a WWU email, you can login and post an announcement on the community feed to promote your event.

在社区公告滑动。 With 24-hour notice, you can submit a slide to the student life manager to be shown prior to the start of the weekly 社区 program. 

比分直播188足球 live-streams certain events throughout the year, including: 

竞技 programs are live-streamed regularly throughout the year at。

With the permission of the family, 比分直播188足球 communicates externally about the death of a member of the campus family if the passing involves:

  • A university employee and/or student in the line of duty (e.g. in the classroom, on the job). 
  • A public death of significant nature (e.g. multiple deaths, administrator). 


Director for Marketing and University Relations





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